Monday, December 1, 2008

i'm off to visit my son Alof in Greenland. Busla and her husband have come to Iceland from Greenland. i asked them what it was like there. the biggest problem was no woodland which makes it nigh impossible to build housing. pretty good source of food with caribou and fish, whales, seals, and warlrus. Alof apparently is the Law-Speaker so he's done well in life. well its been a month now and we still haven't found Greenland. for the past week we haven't found land either. this doesn't bode well.

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Heather Turo said...

These blog entries are good; overall, nice job.

Just a few things to point out:

-Iceland didn't have too much in the way of a "forest." They were mostly shrubs. They used driftwood and juniper roots to build things but you couldn't depend on these as resources.
-The All-thing was an Icelandic aspect... thus the Law-Speaker (which, well, lucky you to know the law-speaker as there's only one) lived in Iceland.

Good luck on the final!