Monday, December 1, 2008

i'm off to visit my son Alof in Greenland. Busla and her husband have come to Iceland from Greenland. i asked them what it was like there. the biggest problem was no woodland which makes it nigh impossible to build housing. pretty good source of food with caribou and fish, whales, seals, and warlrus. Alof apparently is the Law-Speaker so he's done well in life. well its been a month now and we still haven't found Greenland. for the past week we haven't found land either. this doesn't bode well.
Amma and I have set out to settle Iceland i couldn't even begin to tell you why. i will say i am enjoying the hot springs and the forests make it estremely easy to build a new house for ourselves. i don't know what the explorers problem with this place was theres a lake nearby that is an abundant source of salmon and trout. and the land were on will work perfectly for rye and barley so we should not be lacking for foodstuffs thats for sure. one very strange thing is it seems the only indigenous mammal is the arctic fox. well i'm sure Amma and I will be happy here
My neighbor Vali just got back from raiding Brittany. he's very puzzled as to why people aren't settling there. Vali also went to Scotland apparently the Picts are completely gone now whether we killed them all or drove them away Vali couldn't tell me. unfortunately Vali's wife died during the crossing. my son Alof also headed out to Jarlshof. i belive he's actually part of the assembly there.
i've grown restless here so i've decided to go out to sea again. i've heard some talk about this city called York from my brother Asgaut. i figure its time to expand my horizons and try my hand at purely trading with no raiding. i have a large amount of amber to use for trading. since Amber is one of the three primary luxury goods there I should be in good shape. the other two being Byzantine silkes and german wines.
i'm here in York now and its very interesting, the houses here are very different than the house i'm used too. however i can completely understand the necessity of two story houses versus the one story houses to save space. another interesting thing is Erik Bloodaxe died the day after i arrived and yet nothing is changing or will change it seems.