Monday, October 27, 2008

Asgaut has become quite the warrior. he recently came back a few days ago from wintering in the east with the huge network of t rivers to go up. he met up with a group of fellow traders at Staraja Ladoga. though i imagine he probably went to Kiev soon after to meet up with other raiders and try to find other good areas in the east to raid. he did bring my son Alof back with him. Alof was beyond exhausted from his travels so he's been reccuperating in peace. although i'm eager to hear of his travels. i'm especially interested in hearing about Constantinople from what Asgaut has told me it sounds like an ideal city to live in. i may have to go wintering in the East next year to see it!

I fear my son Alof is dead. He was heading out to the Mediterranean to raid, if i remember correctly he was off to France to find others for his first raid however i've heard rumors that many of our ships have been sunken by an enemy fleet. This makes returning home from successful raids extremely difficult if not impossible. Asgaut is in Camarague i've received a few letters from him. Raiding in Iberia appears to be an impossibility. My wife Amma refuses to accept that he is dead. i doubt we'll ever know the truth.
My neighbor Vali has just gotten back from a raid on Ireland. it seems the one monastery we generally raid is still there unlike the majority of the other ones we repeatedly raid over the years. it must be at least 6 years now that we've gone to raid them. we'll see how much longer they stay there. Apparently there is this trade that insisted on us giving them some of our trade goods?! can you imagine just giving away things. makes absolutely no sense. well Vali showed him what he thought of that you can be sure. It appears Vali is now in a feud with Sigurd so i'm off to help him and get Geir to come help us too. it seems Sigurd killed Vali's son.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

My brother Agaut came back asking if i'd like to go on a raid of some monastery's off the coast of europe. of course i said yes after all what self respecting viking warrior could say no to an opportunity like that. Apparently Agaut's discovered a monastery near by that will be even more lucrative than the other monasteries we've seen so we should be able to get a much greater haul.

well were back turns out the "monastery" was a heavily defended fort. we ended up trading with them and continuing to the monastery's we knew were there already still a success