Monday, September 29, 2008

Bjorg here, my brother Agaut finally left for Birka and i wish him luck and safe travels.
i can't help but wonder if he'll be forced to stay there and just work or will he fullfill his dream and get to travel and trade all over the world. especially that strange place.... i think its called the silk road? strange things though the silk and spice we get from them are quite nice. my youngest sister Gudrun broke 2 of our glass cups this morning my father was not pleased it took quite a bit of bargaining and trade to get our luxury items like the cups. i managed to get my sister some nice actual fitted silk clothing thanks to using my runic knowledge on two runestones for my neightbors.
well life calls so till next time.
its Bjorg again, it seems my younger brother Asgaut has his heart set on becoming a trader and he's going to be a crewman on Alriks vessel i wish him the best. my brother Assur has some real skill with leatherworking our shoes are the envy of our neightbors for sure. luckily for him we have enough cows that he has plenty of material to work with. he's always on the look out for walrus hides. the farm a few miles down the road has quite the skilled blacksmith as well so coming to some sort of arrangement with them would be quite useful for my family
well thats it for now till next time

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hello again, this is just Bjorg talking about my life again. i've decided to marry Amma daughter of Sigurd. of course she agreed as our marriage will benefit our families greatly. later this week i shall go sacrifice to Freyja to bless our union. yesterday i used some runes to help my sister Busla recover from her illness. i've been making a decent amount of money carving runestones for people. although to tell you the truth i've been making a few mistakes on them. Then again who ever noticed mistakes on runestones?

Sunday, September 7, 2008

My name is Bjorg, son of Holm. Holm was the son of Thora who was the daughter of Alof. Alof greatly expanded our farming land borders. Alof was the son of Valie. Vali was the son of Vott won my family's first acre of land near the Renträsket lake. my family has been farming our land for over 100 years. i am 22 years old. my farm's primary crop is oats. my family's Farmhouse is of the Trelleborg type. as of last week i am officially trained in Runic Magic. i was apprenticed to Gorm. the family that lived near mine became our slaves when i was 16 due to a series of bad harvests on their part.