Monday, September 29, 2008

Bjorg here, my brother Agaut finally left for Birka and i wish him luck and safe travels.
i can't help but wonder if he'll be forced to stay there and just work or will he fullfill his dream and get to travel and trade all over the world. especially that strange place.... i think its called the silk road? strange things though the silk and spice we get from them are quite nice. my youngest sister Gudrun broke 2 of our glass cups this morning my father was not pleased it took quite a bit of bargaining and trade to get our luxury items like the cups. i managed to get my sister some nice actual fitted silk clothing thanks to using my runic knowledge on two runestones for my neightbors.
well life calls so till next time.

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Heather Turo said...

You're off to a good start here. Nice integration of the course material.


-You're Bjorg, son of Holm, but your name still says Bjorg Oskson.

-You wouldn't trade/buy fitted clothing for your sister as your mother (or even your sister, herself) would know how to make clothing best fitted for family.
-What does your runic knowledge have anything to do with it?

Overall, good job.